Diet - Palindrome
August 5th, 2014

Get Stoked - Washington Street
August 19th, 2014

Cries Of The Captive - Imperialist
September 9th, 2014

Digitalife - Nemesis
September 9th, 2014

7.24.14 Imminence Records Sign Cries Of The Captive

7.21.14 Imminence Records Sign Backslashes And Bad Ideas

7.17.14 Imminence Records Sign Digitalife

7.15.14 Diet Releases New Single “Pigman”

Diet’s brand new single, which was premiered yesterday on Highlight Magazine, is now on sale at all digital providers including iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, and Spotify. “Pigman” is the New York indie rockers’ second single of the forthcoming August 5th release Palindrome, which was recorded at Exeter Studio with Joe Dell’Aquila and mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering. Highlight Magazine has also revealed that Diet is their newest Highlighted Artist in the feature that was just published today HERE. Former Highlighted Artists include Uh Huh Baby Yeah, Something You Whisper, and D&M.

7.15.14 Island Of Skyline’s ‘Fight Your Fears’ Out Today

After partnering up with New Noise Magazine to exclusively premiere Fight Your Fears last Friday, Island Of Skylines sees the album released worldwide today on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, and many more. The release features two new tracks, “Indigo” and “I’ll Be Home,” and a special remix of “Indigo” by Systemshock. The reissue serves as a teaser as the European post-hardcore outfit heads into the studio to record a brand new full length.

7.8.14 Get Stoked Announces August 19th Release Date for ‘Washington Street’ EP

Six weeks removed from performing at this year’s Bled Fest (Title Fight, The Menzingers, Man Overboard, Bane, Fireworks, Hawthorne Heights, Transit), Get Stoked is excited to announce that their Imminence Records debut, entitled Washington Street, will be released August 19th. Vocalist Cameron Wheeler describes the EP as, “A collection of songs from all of our encounters during college. From party stories to girls screwing with our heads this EP caters to a wide variety of experiences, both good and bad, and we all hope that everyone finds the songs as relatable as Get Stoked does.” With drummer Jacob Cardona adding, “This album developed as our friendship with each other did. Each song reflects our own emotions, experiences and reflections of each other, both musically and lyrically. Following Cameron’s lead with guitar writing every member adds their own flavor spanning multiple genres to create the unique sound that is Get Stoked”


1. Intro
2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
3. Hand In Your Demise
4. Forward Progress
5. Washington Street

7.4.14 Imminence Records’ Summer Sampler Out Today

6.24.14 Diet Announces August 5th Release Date for ‘Palindrome’ EP

New York indie rockers Diet, who saw their self-titled EP reissued on Imminence Records last month, have just announced that their brand new EP, entitled Palindrome, will be released August 5th. Guitarist Chris Taranto had this to say on the new release, “We’re really excited to release our new EP on Imminence Records. We’ve worked on it for almost half a year, making a piece of work that naturally flows out of last year’s debut and shows a new direction and higher level of musicianship. We think we have something people will really relate with.” Palindrome was recorded at Exeter Studio with Joe Dell’Aquila and mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering.

PALINDROME (August 5th)
1. Pigman
2. Three
3. Four
4. Soap
5. I Can’t Sit Still

6.17.14 Definitely A First’s ‘Colorblind’ Out Today

6.12.14 Island Of Skylines to Reissue ‘Fight Your Fears’ July 15th with Three Bonus Tracks

European post-hardcore outfit Island Of Skylines is pleased to announce that their EP Fight Your Fears will be reissued July 15th on Imminence Records. The release will feature two new tracks, “Indigo” and “I’ll Be Home,” and a special remix by Systemshock. The reissue serves as a teaser before the band heads into the studio to record a brand new full length. Vocalist Ilya Sinitski went on to elaborate, “We are currently working on our full length album that we want to bring a new awesome sound to our music with. This summer we plan to go out on tour, record a mini acoustic album, and shoot a music video! Needless to say, we have a busy year planned!”

FIGHT YOUR FEARS (July 15th, 2014)

1. Wake Up!
2. Rise And Shine
3. Give Me The Skyline
4. Take The Chance
5. Ocean, Is Me
6. Indigo
7. I’ll Be Home
8. Indigo (Systemshock Remix)